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Select Lectures
Select Lectures
1.   Invited faculty lecture, Department of Comparative Literature, Cornell University, September 2018

2. Invited to deliver a lecture series, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature,  Shenghen University,  China, October 2018

3. Lectures at the Beijing Language and Culture University, November 2018

4. Invited lecture on Transculturalism, Hong Kong University,  November 2018

5. Lectures on invitation in several German Universities,  June 2018: Details to follow.

6. Frankfurt lectures on Critical Theory and Cultural Criticism, Goethe University, Frankfurt, October 2017

7. Public lecture at Siebold Institute of Advanced Studies, Wurzburg University, October 2017

8. Public lecture at the Department of English and American Studies, Wurzburg University, October 2017

9. Delivered the Annual Lecture on Critical Theory and Criticism, Department of English, University of Cyprus, April 2017

10. Delivered a Research Seminar on Aesthetic Imaginary at the Department of English, University of Malta, May 2017

11.  Invited Research Seminar Lecture, Department of English, Nicosia University, Cyprus, April, 2017

12. Invited talks on Source and Text , Department of Comparative Literature, University of Chicago, April 2016

13. Invited lecture, Department of History, Birkbeck College, University of London, 2011

14. Public lecture on Tagore and Education, Wadham College, University of Oxford, 2011

15. Invited lecture, Harold Pinter Centre, Goldsmith College, University of London, 2011

16.  Invited lecture, ‘Tagore and Africa’, Institute of African Studies, Frankfurt University, 9th June, 2011

17. Invited lecture, Department of History, Groningen University, Netherlands, 2007

18.     Public Lecture, ‘Inter-faith studies and Tagore’s Religion of Man’, Institute of Advanced Study, Essen, Germany, 28th November, 2006.

19.  Invited lecture, ‘Indian Classical Music & Tagore: Aesthetics and Performance’, Department of Music, University of Salford, 25th October, 2006.

20.  Invited lecture ‘Hindusthani Classical Music and Rabindranath Tagore’, Department of Music, University of Leeds, 26th October, 2006.

21.  Invited lecture ‘Institutionalised Theory, (In)fusion and Desivad', School of English, New Castle University, 27th October, 2006.

22.  Invited lecture ‘“Memory, Narrative, History: ‘Remembering’ Ayodhya’, School of History, University of Liverpool, 30th October, 2006.

23.  Invited lecture ‘Who Blows the Whistle? (In)fusion theory and the Desi-Videshi Wrestle’, School of English, University of Liverpool, 31st October, 2006.

24.  Invited lecture ‘Thinking Theory, Doing Texts: The East-West dialogue and (In)fusion theory’, Department of English, University of Kent, 1st November, 2006.

25.  Invited lecture ‘Myth, Identity, History: Problematizing Ayodhya’, Department of Sociology, Birmingham University, 3rd November, 2006.